DB Converter

Convert DB Scripts between MS SQL and My SQL - DB Converter   Overview DB Converter tool is created by Blackant Solutions to perform easy conversion of Database scripts across Microsoft SQL Server and the My SQL. This tool is completely free and contributions are welcome. This tool can be updated to used for databases such as Oracle, Sybase etc. Features Open Source   Config driven code. New functions can be added by updating the…

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How to create a new project in Google and get Client ID and Secret key?

In this post, we are going to see the step by step guides on how to create a new project in Google and get the JSON file which contains the client id and client secret for Google Drive Integration for SuiteCRM Product Click this link to register an app in Google.Now you will be redirected to a new page. Choose "Create Project" from the first Dropdown and click "Continue" button Step 1 Clicking on "Continue" will redirect…

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Google Drive Integration with SuiteCRM

Google Drive Integration plugin for Suite CRM provides easy integration of Suite CRM with Google Drive account. It provides a one stop solution for document management with Google Drive Why Google Drive Integration with CRM In this modern cloud era, documents can be easily maintained in cloud, which provides more robust and efficient way of document management. Storing documents in cloud reduces the physical space used by your server. Google drive provides safe and secured transaction…

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