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Convert DB Scripts between MS SQL and My SQL – DB Converter



DB Converter tool is created by Blackant Solutions to perform easy conversion of Database scripts across Microsoft SQL Server and the My SQL. This tool is completely free and contributions are welcome. This tool can be updated to used for databases such as Oracle, Sybase etc.


    • Open Source


    • Config driven code. New functions can be added by updating the config file


    • UI based tool


    • Tested with WordPress, Suite CRM and SugarCRM



The configuration xml available with the tool can be updated to include new functions or keywords in the SQL.

Below sections of the configuration file can be updated

  • DataType
  • BuiltInFunctions
  • LanguageElements
  • Table
  • Exclude_MySQL
  • Exclude_MSSQL

Key attribute in each node of config xml stores to MS SQL command and the value attribute stores its equivalent keyword in MySQL.

Exclude tag is used to store the values which should be replaced as blank in the conversion


DB Converter
DB Converter Config


This tool and the config file can be downloaded from the Github. This is a open source tool and no license required. Contributions are welcome

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